Our Carla Vista Home

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Last week, I spent my time getting our other house to ready to rent.  
This was our first house and I had put so much into it, making it our home.

We loved the house!!!!
I loved the curtains I made for the family & eating room, our fireplace that I rocked & the mantle that I built, the wallpaper I hung in the kitchen, the cabinets that I painted, and the covered patio
(great for sitting outside during monsoons).
We are currently without a covered patio and we miss it!!!


the best was my son's bathroom.
It took me over a week to hand paint every word and stick kid in there.
(way before Silhouette machines)

It was such a fun bathroom!!!

I had so much more energy back then,
Ivan would leave for work and come home to new repainted and redecorated room in the house.

I love change!!!

Working on my old house has got me energized to redo some more rooms in our home now.  
I'm thinking about painting our kitchen yellow and the cabinets off white.

What house projects do you have going on?

side note:
The new family that will be living in our Carla Vista house, loved it so much, they signed a 2 year lease.

Let there be light!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011
I have had a hole in my office ceiling forever.   

I saw a lamp shade at Melrose Vintage and wanted to do something like it but never got around to it. 
So today, I finally purchase a lampshade from a second hand store, took off all the fabric and went to work wrapping it with wire from Hobby Lobby.
I love how it turned out, it fits my office just perfect!!!
Now off to finish some more of my 50 million projects I have going on at home.

Welcome to my new blog!

Monday, August 15, 2011
Thanks for stopping by!

I have been blogging for over a year on my business blog, which has always been a struggle.  I had problems deciding what to post because I thought that it should be related to my business.
Over this past year, I felt like I lost sight of what I really love.  

I love creating!!!!  

I think decorating 24-7 and have at least 10 projects going on in my home at once
(it makes my husband crazy because most of the time I never finish a project before moving on to something else, but we have been married 12 years so I think he is somewhat use to it).

So I have decide to start this blog just for me, where I can post about the things I love!!!

My blog is going to be about my life, my family and all the things I love to make.
I hope you will stop by often to visit!!!

I love blogs that have photos, so here is really cute one of my wild and crazy dog, Bella.

I {heart} Carpinteria

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
We had the best summer vacation!
Some friends of ours asked us to join them at a wonderful beach town called Carpinteria
right outside of Santa Barbara.

Well, we fell in LOVE with it!!!

When we got there it was only 62 degrees and raining (that is like below freezing for us Arizonians) 
but that didn't stop the kids from having a blast!
What to do when you're wet and cold?    Cupcakes and hot coffee, YUM YUM
The boys even tried out their kayaks on the ocean waves.
We felt a little like Dr. Dolittle with all the animals we found.  Garrett rescued a starfish that washed up and we had this one friendly pelican that landed right in front of us.  He hung out for about 45 minutes before flying away.
We had a group of dolphins play in the water right in front of us.  
Ivan took his kayak out to them and they didn't even care, they just kept on having a great time.
And let me just say, the shopping was just as wonderful as the beach.
Garrett (American Picker Jr.) bought is first surfboard.
My absolutely favorite shop in Carpinteria was Porch!  
I could have spent our entire vacation at that store, everything there is just amazing and beautiful.  
Although I only came home with some wine glasses from Porch, 
the store has inspired me to re-decorate and simplify our home (sorry Ivan).

I can't wait for next summer!

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