Jurassic Party

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
For Garrett's birthday this year, he informed me that he wanted his classmates over 
and for it to a Jurassic Park themed birthday party.
We decided to make our own invitations but changed the wording a bit. 
I created them in Illustrator (Photoshop & me go round and round) and exported them as a jpeg to Costco.  
I wanted the colors to really POP!

Since we own a t-shirt shop, we thought it would be fun to give tees away as a thank you.
We also made dino eggs that we bagged and tagged. We had them printed as 4x6 photos and cut out the top half of the circle.  Garrett loved helping make them and I think they turned out great.

Ivan & I stayed up until 2am the night before putting in hardwood floors, but that is for anther blog post.

It was so great to have Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations come over and help put on the finishing  touches.  
I literally just gave her all the stuff and she worked her magic.
The fabulous Melissa from the Scrapbook Barn help me make Garrett's banner
(again, I printed the letters as photos)
I loved how everything turned out!
The cupcakes were from Decadent Delight they were so cute and tasted yummy!
No party would be complete without Mr. Rich from Reptile Adventures
(this is our 3rd time having him out for Garrett's birthdays-
it keeps Garrett from asking us for a snake as a pet, THANK GOODNESS)
All the kids got to hold and have their photos taken with one of the snakes.
Everyone had a blast!

A special thanks to Rhonda & Lauri who helped me get it all done, I owe you!!!

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the invitation and other items I had printed, just email me.  The Jurassic Font, I got from DaFont and is free to use for personal use only.

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