I love Fridays! New York Edition

Sunday, April 3, 2011
1.  I loved New York, I had the most amazing visit.

2.  I loved Broadway!  We were able to see two shows, The Addams Family and Rock of Ages.  Loved them both!!!

3.  I loved Greenwich Village, walking around was so different from downtown New York (very easy going and relaxing).
We had a great time shopping a street fair, the fabulous boutiques and bakeries.

4.  I loved being able to see Ground Zero.  Just writing about this makes me cry, yet they were able to become stronger and better from that horrific day.  The people of New York are truly inspiring, they have an unwavering spirit.

5.  I loved the Statue of Liberty.  What can I say, she is just BEAUTIFUL!

6. I love Regis & Kelly, it was so cool to see how the show runs.  Bummer that Kelly wasn't there but still very cool.  A huge thanks to Amy's brother for getting us the tickets (front row).

7.  I love David Letterman!  It was so cool to be in the audience of his show, they have such a good time taping their shows.  I bet it is a very fun job to have.

8. I loved the Empire State Building at night, one word AMAZING!!!  Krista was taking a picture of a mother & daughter and captured a falling star in the back ground.  It was on their camera but here is what it looks like at night.  BEAUTIFUL but very COLD!!!

9.  I love Christina & Rochelle.  They were our roomies at Terri Brush Designs Art Camp last year and we decided then that we were going to come to New York for Christina's Art Exhibit, she is an amazing artist.  Rochelle is also extremely talented and makes the most gorgeous vintage jewelry.

10.  I love my husband for working like crazy so I could afford to go on this trip.

11.  I love my parents & brother for letting Garrett stay with them, so I could go on this trip.

12.  I love Krista & Amy, those girls are "Rock Stars" to me.  They are the most fun-loving, easy-going, giving friends to go on vacation with.   I think they could make having a root canal a blast!  I am so grateful to be able to call them friends, they made my trip to New York  amazing and unforgettable!

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