Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010
We have had a whirlwind Halloween this year.

It started off with picking Garrett up from school on Thursday and heading out to Schnepf's Farm.
We go every year because it is so much fun.   
Garrett LOVES riding the Spooky Train!!!  
This year he got to meet the kids who dress up and scare the riders of the train.  
 They were so great, they all are in the drama club at Chandler High and volunteer their time each weekend.  
Next to the Spooky Train, Garrett loved the Corn Maze.  
 I think we were in the maze for about 2 hours, playing hide and seek 
(I think Garrett would have stayed longer but the farm was closing down).

Friday was Garrett's school party and Fall Carnival that evening.

Saturday, we woke up and put the final touches on our house for the Halloween Party.
Garrett decorated the front yard all by himself 
(well, Ivan had to hang the giant spider web, but Garrett told him where he wanted it).

The party was a blast, I think we had around 40 kids running around our house. 
 Thank goodness for my friends, Jill who takes care of all the games for the kids, and Toni who helped with everything else. 
Everyone had a blast!!!

The weekend ended with trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids, a potluck in our culdesac and way too many left overs! 

Hope you all had a great weekend also!

I love Fridays!

Friday, October 22, 2010
1. I love that we are finally out of the 90's (at least that is what our weather people are saying).

2. I love decorating for Halloween, I think we have just as many Halloween decorations as we have Christmas.  Unfortunately for my husband, I am a messy decorator and our house looks like this until  I am done (Ivan is kinda of clean freak, he hates clutter).
Don't worry honey, I will have it all done before our Annual Halloween Party next Saturday.

3. I love Frog Tape! As if I didn't have enough going on right now, I decided to paint horizontal strips in my office.  I can tell you that Frog Tape really works.   I did not have one spot that the paint bled onto the other color.  Not one touch up, Yeah!!!!

4.  I love the movie "How to Train Your Dragon".  I think I have seen at least 6 times since it came out on DVD last weekend, it is my son Garrett's favorite movie.
5. I love Kiwanis Park in Tempe, it is a beautiful park that has just about anything you could want to do outside (volleyball, baseball, fishing, horseback riding, etc).  Tonight, they had movie night in the park with one of those extra inflatable movie screens.   There had to be close to a thousand adults and kids there to watch tonight's movie.    
And what was tonight's movie????

     "How to Train Your Dragon" (7 times now)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds lots of things to LOVE!

Art Camp was AMAZING!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Terri had the house decorated so beautiful, no detail was missed.
 First of all Terri Brush is not only one of the sweetest persons I have ever meet, 
she is also extremely talented.  I absolutely love her and her classes.
 (I have been soldering for years but still learn new tips & techniques every time I take one of her classes)

She also seems to attract other sweet and talented women because all of the other 
37 women at camp were just that!  I could go on and on about everyone I met there
 but here are just a few highlights.

Kristin is Terri's partner in crime/assistant, she is so fabulous.  
She treats everyone she meets like you have been her friend forever.  
She is just a fun & wonderful person.

 Christy is a blast to be around, it is probably good I don't live in Oregon because

I think I would have to hang out with her all the time (whether she liked it or not).

Kristin, Terri & Christy, photo by Kristin
Our two Canadian roommates, Rochelle & Christina, were so much fun.  
I can tell you these two girls have not seen the last of us "Texas/Arizona" girls. 
We will be seeing them in New York come March for Christina's Art Expo and 
hopefully for next fall for another round of Art Camp.  
I am even working on getting them to come and visit Arizona 
(we have now entered our gorgeous weather phase- hint, hint).
Photo from Kristin
The food was amazing!!! 

One of the cooks was Joy and not only is she a fabulous cook, she also has the best laugh ever!  
She is a total maniac, she would wake up early to help get breakfast ready for everyone 
and still stay up all night laughing and joking around with us.
  I hope she was able to take a week off to catch up on sleep.

Someone enjoyed the icing and cookies a lot,  but I am not naming names!!! 
(She did sit to the right of me and her name starts with a M)

Here is everyone at our table hard at work.
This is just one of my projects I did over that weekend.  
We started off by forming our snowman with foil and covering it with paper-clay.  
We decorated a cigar box and even made the paper tree.  After painting the snowman and glueing everything down, a piece of glassed was placed on top and soldered to the box.   
I love it!!!

After all our hard work, some of us took a break to go enjoy one of Oregon's beautiful sunsets.
Christy & Amy, Krista & Colleen, Krista, Mary & Amy

Colleen was my crafting partner on my left.  She kept me laughing the whole time we were working and when my projects weren't going as well as I wanted, she kept me motivated to keep trying.
Hopefully I will see her again next Art Camp. 

The next day we went to see the coastline during the day. 
The water was unbelievable, I have never seen waves so big!

I am so grateful that my friends Stephanie, Amy, Mary and Krista came with me.  

They had me laughing from the time I met them at the airport in Portland to the time I left them at the airport in Las Vegas.

Which ended up being a very long time since the day we flew home, 
Phoenix decided to get some major rain (I swear it only rains when Krista comes into town).
They had us circling Phoenix until they discovered that they did not have enough gas 
and sent us over to Las Vegas (which was also having rain storms, talk about a bumpy ride).  
So we got to sit on the tarmac in Vegas for 6 hours waiting for the storms in Phoenix to pass.
Even with a tough flight home (Amy & I get motion sickness very easy), 
the whole trip was AMAZING! 
 I think the only thing I would do different next time is to stay an extra day
so we could explore more of Oregon's beautiful coastline and fabulous shops.

I can't wait for our next girls trip!!!

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