I love Fridays

Friday, August 27, 2010
1. I love Whale WarsMy son has me hooked on the show.  Tonight is the season finale and I can't wait to watch it. 
One of Garrett's goals in life is to buy Captain Paul Watson a faster boat.

2. I love Oreganos Pizza Bistro  in Gilbert, AZ.  This is my favorite pizza right now.  If you live in the valley, you must try it.
Grandma G’s Rosemary Chicken Potato
Made with our red pepper pesto, Grandma’s special roasted garlic chicken,
 diced roma tomatoes, gorgonzola, sliced potatoes, havarti, our four cheese blend,
 caramelized onions and fresh rosemary.

3. I love Pink Lady apples.  I eat one everyday.

4. I love my new Nikon D3000 camera.  I have no clue how to use it but I still love it.

5. I love that my good friend Leah is a fabulous professional photographer and is going to teach me how to use my new camera.

I love Fridays

Friday, August 20, 2010
1. I love that Hobby Lobby (only the greatest craft store ever) is less then a mile from my home.

2. I love my Bubba-the coolest cat ever (he is a Texas cat).

3. I love that I live in Arizona and can wear flip flops (yellow box- love them!!!) all year round.

4. I love Christine Mason Miller art.  It helps inspire me to dream BIG!!!

5.  I love Girls Night Out, tonight we are going to see EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

I love Fridays

Friday, August 13, 2010
1.  I love everything that Somerset Studio publishes.  On Thursday, I flew into Texas for a quick trip and was able to have 2 uninterrupted hours of indulging in two of my favorites: Artful Blogging & Somerset Home.  

2.  I love the passion tea from Starbucks.

3.  I love that my best friend Krista has a large ice tea from Bill Millers (the best fast food BBQ in Texas) waiting for me, every time she picks me up from the airport.

4.  I absolutely love TEXAS, I just can't handle the humidity!!!!

5.  I love that Krista & KC's dog Harrison is even more wild and crazy then Bella!!!

You should not leave a 36 count package of toilet paper from Sam's Club on the bathroom floor!
What Mom, it's just a mud mask!

I love Fridays

Friday, August 6, 2010
This last week has been a very stressful, it started off with a detective from my husband's police department being killed, our sister-in-law passed away the following day and yesterday my best friend's father also passed away. 

One thing that all three of them had in common was
 that they loved their family, they loved their friends  and they loved life!
  So in honor of them, every Friday I am going to list some of the things I love about life as a reminder
 of all the love, joy and goodness this life brings.

1.   I love that my husband gets to work 4-10s, so I can drag him around home decor boutiques on Fridays when our son Garrett       is in school (we went to Poppy's today- a gorgeous place in Mesa)

2.   I love that my son (6 years old) stops playing everyday and notices the beautiful sunsets that we get here in Arizona             (especially during monsoon season).

3.   I love that our cul de sac neighbors Ken & Jill and Tim & Jen are not only our neighbors but some of our best friends 
      (Ivan went to high school with Ken  & Tim  and they have been friends ever since then).

4.   I love that our Bella is wild, crazy and the perfect dog for Garrett.

5.   I love that Wilma thinks she should be a indoor tortoise and scratches at the door until we let her in.

I would love to have everyone also tell me their list so that I can put them on my blog!

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