Goodbye Kathleen

Friday, July 30, 2010
The Kathleen collection was inspired by our sister'n'law who had battled breast cancer for years.
Unfortunately, she passed away yesterday, another victim of cancer. 
 Kathleen was very quick witted, articulate and a general blast to be around.   
She was never afraid to speak the truth or shy away from a challenge.
   She always enjoyed conversation,
 a glass of good wine 
and a chance to show her love for others. 
 She started to feel worse about a week ago and when we visited her in the ICU last Sunday, 
she told us, "you know what happens next".   We do.   

Her life, and passing, will not only be memorable to her family and friends, 
but also to the cancer ICU at the Tucson University Medical Center.

 SOMEHOW, Ivan's sister, Karen, talked the nurses into allowing their pets (3 dogs and 2 cats) to visit Kathleen one last time before she was taken off life support.   Walking those animals down the hallway of the hospital, we could only wonder if Kathleen was dying from laughter.   We could just see her rolling her eyes and saying, "Karen"!  

  Kathleen blessed the life of many....

Happy 4th of July

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We had such a great time in Flagstaff for the 4th of July,
we enjoyed the cooler weather,
a fun parade and
a fabulous BBQ with friends.

The last day of the trip, we hiked a mile down the lava cave
in Coconino National Forest (what a blast!)

We are thankful to be Americans and for our freedoms!

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