The Jungle room is complete!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
So I finished the room before Garrett came home from Oregon.  He was so surprised, of coarse after he checked out the whole room, he asked if we could paint a fake river on the floor.
Four packages of glow in the dark stars from Hobby Lobby helps make his room look like a beautiful starry night at bed time.

Tons of shelves so Garrett can display his collections of rocks, sticks, leaves, shark teeth and dinosaur stuff. 
He got  the collectors gene from my side of the family (sorry Ivan), my parents collect everything except thimbles and spoons.

A magnet board for all his drawings, important papers and pictures
(the desk was a $5 find at Goodwill, amazing what a coat of paint can do!  
Garrett still wants me to distress it, to make it look old and worn)

and my favorite: The Tree

When we first moved in, this weird corner in Garrett's room drove me crazy.  I would rant about how it stopped me from being able to rearrange his room.  Well now I love it, it really helps to make the tree the focal point.
Doing his room has really got my decorating juices flowing.
  I am looking around my house and backyard, trying to figure out what I should paint next.
  (Still haven't put in my baseboards in my bedroom yet, sorry Ivan.  Maybe this weekend)

Honoring a Hero

Monday, June 14, 2010
Tonight Chandler Law Enforcement Association is having a fundraiser for Officer Travis Murphy's family.  With my husband being a police officer, Officer Murphy's death hit us very hard.  We feel very blessed to have been able to produce and donate 200 t-shirts for this cause,  100% of the proceeds will go to Officer Murphy's family.

There will also be a raffle and silent auction that will include gift cards and certificates for bars/restaurants, services, gym memberships and other businesses.  
LOTS of sports stuff too, including multiple golf rounds, hotel stays, game tickets and memorabilia.

So please come out and help us honor a hero!

Jungle Room, Part 2

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Started painting all the plants and trees!!! 
Tried to draw the plants first with a pencil but when it came time to paint I decided to just wing it.  
Tomorrow, adding the details to everything.

By the way, painting leaves on the ceiling  NOT FUN!!!!

Goodbye Dinosaurs, Hello Jungle

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
My son has been in love with dinosaurs for the past 4 years.  I mean a serious love, he will not wear a shirt unless it has a dinosaur on it.  He eats, sleeps, and lives dinosaurs.  He even changed his name to Nigel Marven 
(a paleontologist who travels back to prehistoric periods to rescue dinosaurs and brings them to modern day to live in Prehistoric Park- BBC series) for a while.  
So when he asked a couple of months ago to paint his room all jungle, I was quite surprised.   Garrett's room is the only room in the house that I have not decorated because I never really had a vision.  
I did paint a dinosaur scene on one wall but nothing great.  

But jungle, yes I can do jungle!!! 
(if you ask Garrett, it is really Man vs. Dinosaur)  

Well, Garrett is up in Oregon with my parents for a week and the transformation has begun.
I am having a blast, my mind is spinning on all the things I can do in his room.
I think he is going to love it!

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