Where are the triple digits???

Friday, May 28, 2010
The longer you live in Arizona, the more you become like reptiles (cold blooded).
Anything under 70 degrees is freezing cold. 
 Here it is the end of May and we have only hit 100 degrees once.  I find myself craving for the triple digits.  This morning my son's school had water day.  The PTO rented water slides and every grade got to play on them for about 2 hours.  I went up to the school to take pictures, it was a beautiful sunny morning (not a cloud in the sky), the temperature already at 86 degrees and still the kids had goose bumps while waiting in line. 
I'm sure come September I will be ready for the triple digits to go away, but right now I am ready for them.  Because I am...

Hearts everywhere

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I love Kelly Rae Roberts.  She is an amazing artist.

I am going to take her e-course called  Flying Lessons: Tips & Tricks to help your Creative Business Soar
that begins on May 30th.  I am very excited to learn from her because  she has turned her passion into a very successful business.
So while waiting for her class start, I decided to read her book Taking Flight.
In her book she talks about how she searches for hearts in ordinary things, how it brings her "a blessing of hope."  She asks her readers to try to find hearts in everyday ordinary things so that they can pause for a moment of simple gratitude.  

While reading this, I remembered a trip I took to Sedona with my girlfriend from Texas.

  It was about a year ago and we were enjoying the beautiful scenery of the red rocks when we found a cactus that was shaped like a heart.  It was so beautiful and I remember how happy it made us.
Reading her book and seeing these photos again brings me such happy memories.  I am going to start looking for heart everywhere I go!

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