My kitchen and Dan DiPaolo art

Monday, January 25, 2010
I absolutely love to decorate, I think about decorating 24/7.  I am constantly painting and repainting every room in my home.  I always have a long list of things I would like to do to our home, for example

1. Repaint my son's bedroom
2. Make window sills for my office and living room
3. Put hardwood floors in my living room
4. Finish stuccoing our back yard walls and paint them
5. Paint stripes in our master bathroom
6. Paint horizontal stripes in my office
7. Enlarge our backyard patio

The list can go on and on!!!

My husband is very supportive but likes me to finish one project before I start a new one, which never happens.  Right now,  I have my new baseboards in my bedroom up against the wall, painted and ready to go up, it's just that I moved on to my kitchen for now.

 I have been wanting to tile my back splash since we moved in, but was not sure what type of tile I wanted.  So last week I decided to just to start the project.  I love the way it is turning out, I still need to grout and seal it but need a new picture to hang on the wall, since my old one it too big with the tile.   So the other day I was looking on for kitchen art when I came across Dan DiPaolo.

 I fell in love with his stuff.  His art is so much fun and he loves holidays.  I like to change out my pictures with the holidays.   He has so much fabulous stuff,  I want them all!!!!    I only have space for one picture and can't decide which one I like the best.

I love this one but I don't think Ivan will go for it, even though it is very true!

So which one do you do you like best?

Love the rain!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010
It has been raining for 5 days here in Arizona.   After going up to Flagstaff to play in the snow for Christmas, I can tell you that I will take 115 degrees over freezing cold temperatures but this rain is a nice change.

I took this picture in our backyard.   It was a perfect heart shape when I saw it but by the time found my camera the clouds had moved.

Have a great weekend!

You will always be in our heart

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yesterday we attended a Memorial Service for our dear friend, Carolyn Cooke.  She passed away two days before Christmas and although it is very sad time for all of us, it was also a fitting time for her.  She absolutely loved Christmas.   Her house was always so beautifully decorated for the season.  Every year she would have us all over for cookies and a visit with Santa.  She had the biggest heart and was truly inspiring.  We will miss her but she will always be in our heart.

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