Loving Fall and Schnepf's Farm

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anyone who knows about the famous summers in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metro) can appreciate how we look forward to cooler fall temperatures.  Part of every fall is going to Schnepf's Farm annual chili and Halloween festival.  Pig races, a corn maze, food, music, pumpkin patches and rides all help make celebrating the coming of fall an annual event for my family.   The last couple years my 80 year old mother has joined us.  Being able to have her healthy and adventurous enough to do things with her son and his family is really a blessing.  Three generations of the family enjoying Schnepf's Farm is something I look forward to every October.

My favorite Schnepf's Farm memory is when my mom, my son and I rode a mechanical swing.  This photo with the beautiful sunset behind us as we laughed and flew in circles reminds me of that moment that I knew was special even when it was happening.   Among my many blessings I count moments like that, and the gift of being able to recognize and cherish them.

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